All’s well that ends well

‘A plot should hold the best surprise until the last, of course… A story’s ending must be a surprise, but a satisfying one…’ Jane Yolen How often has a book or movie been ruined by an unsatisfactory ending? Perhaps a cliff-hanger is left, that’s more annoying than intriguing, or it leaves more questions than answers.... Continue Reading →


Living multiple lives

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies... The man who never reads, lives only one.” The quote above is one of my favourite, as I've always considered how interesting it is, particularly in London, that we have such diversity of race, wealth and life experiences all around us, but that each individual only... Continue Reading →

Kello’s Jello

“Kello’s Jello” is the first installment in an Endever prompt challenge that passes writing prompts from one in-house author to the next on every other Friday. The challenge? Authors are limited to only a 1,000 words or less. Can you guess the prompt given to me? (Answer at the end) The dim glow of the streetlights barely... Continue Reading →

The end of grey

My effort at the most recent Endever writing challenge, the prompt for which was: Write about blue without using the word ‘color’. (381 words) Grey skies. A reflection of Daniel’s monochrome existence. The wind tried its best to push him back, but nothing would stop him today. Bowing his head and putting his hands up in... Continue Reading →

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